There are many DNA testing sites out there. (1996), GED Match (2010), 23andMe (2006), and My Heritage (2003). Everybody and their mama want to know “What they are made of”, “Who they related to”, and “I heard you gotta get your blood tested so I can get Indian Benefits”. The thing is, when you are just getting started, it’s that question of WHICH one should I do, and “Ain’t they all the same anyways?”. Well, I’ll tell you upfront, I’m just a lil biased. I found it in 2005 and I was hooked not to mention the fact it was the most popular at the time!!!

Diving deeper into my research, I learned of the other ones, Like GED Match, 23andMe, and My Heritage, yet still, I was not messing with them. I’ll share my insights into the differences between these DNA testing services and explore the varied results they provide.


Ancestry has been around since I can remember. I believe they were the first of its type, well close to the first.

I have the tendency to check Ancestry far more than any social media.

Ancestry has the best tree-building options than the others. It gives you access to historical records, census, My favorite WWI cards,

documents, and the ability to share photos from other users. Ultimately, enhancing the overall genealogical experience. You can trace migration patterns and understand how your ancestors moved across regions and continents, and sometimes the reason as to why. Some of the members may upload Word documents or PDFs about their loved ones. I think the dopest reason I use Ancestry is because in real life, Genealogy is one big jigsaw puzzle but with life and life events. With this jigsaw puzzle, every member holds a piece of your puzzle that you need. The key is to hit up the right people and ask the right questions.

When it comes to the DNA portion of the site, ah man, it’s UNMATCHED!!! There is no other site that has such in-depth familial matches and DNA closeness range match list.

The primary focus of AncestryDNA is to connect individuals with their genealogical past by providing detailed insights into ethnic origins and familial connections.

AncestryDNA has been a trailblazer in consumer DNA testing, attracting millions like me who are eager to uncover the secrets hidden in our genes.

As I delved into AncestryDNA, I found that it utilizes an extensive database to help users discover potential relatives and construct a detailed family tree. The test examines autosomal DNA, providing information about both my maternal and paternal lineages. This broad analysis is perfect for someone like me who wants a comprehensive overview of their ancestry.

With the DNA alone, I’ve connected so many families with their long-lost relatives.

My Ancestry DNA Composition:

One Dope feature that Ancestry has for the DNA, they are able to “estimate” which regions you inhert from each parent, even IF one or both of your parents did not do the DNA test.

23 and Me:

23andMe is renowned for its focus on both health and ancestry, 23andMe provided me with a multifaceted genetic exploration. The company analyzes autosomal DNA, similar to AncestryDNA, offering insights into ancestral origins, connecting individuals with relatives, and providing a detailed breakdown of ethnic composition.

23andMe allows you to build a tree but it doesn’t give you hints and census, it just kinda expects you to already know the info. It does let you connect your DNA match to the tree, but it’s not very user-friendly. They offer health analysis, but I’m not interested, IT COSTS MONEY, LMAO! I already pay for the full subscription of Ancestry and Newspapers, there is NO way I’m going to pay for More things.

When it comes to the DNA portion, to be honest, I ONLY did it because I saw it on a Netflix show that I was watching, they made it look cool and it was on sale at the time or I NEVER would have bought it. When it comes to relationship building and family connecting, They WERE decent but they have “temporarily blocked the feature”. The feature that they blocked was clutch, for example, it showed 2 names and with those names, it would say…. Mary and then the next match would say Mary is Amy’s mother. It literally told the matches relationship to each other, Ancestry Does Not.

My 23andMe Ancestry Composition is differently estimated from site to site, which is WHY I take these with a grain of salt, or I say “For Entertainment Purposes Only”.


Unlike the other platforms, GEDmatch isn’t a testing service itself. I had never heard of GEDmatch a day in my life. Once you couple your ancestorial research with the DNA testing of any site, you are now assumed as a “Professional”. Professionals all have these two characters and seven-digit numbers. I’m like what? They are asking “What is your GEDmatch number?” I had to google it and get with the program. My GED Match Number: A454083, apparently, my number was issued back before they had so many users, I don’t have two characters and I only have 6 digits. is a free website where you upload your raw DNA data from Ancestry or whichever testing site you did. Again, I like Ancestry, it’s pretty user-friendly. GEDmatch then further takes the DNA data and breaks it down for additional analysis.

GEDmatch’s standout feature is its powerful matching capabilities. I was able to compare my DNA with a broader range of individuals, potentially finding relatives who tested with different DNA companies. This collaborative approach has led to many heartwarming stories of long-lost family members being reunited.


Look, I’ma be honest, I’ve heard of My Heritage years ago, but since I already pay for so much I was not the least bit interested.

My Heritage does have the cheapest DNA test, however, you can’t not upload the data to Ancestry.  

So what had happened was…..…My famous cousin “Joe Little III”, had called me out of the blue one night and we were on the phone trying to figure out HOW we connect. We have been looking at our connection for about 2 years now. He asks me “Cuz, are you on My Heritage?” I’m like naw, I’m not interested in paying for another site. He assures me, naw, it’s FREE, I said, Hol up, it’s FREE???!!! Ok, say less. The same night I uploaded my DNA to the site. It took like 4 days to get the results back. And man……I’m kinda glad I did…..I got a WHOLE story and a REALLY close relative that came of it!!!

My “My Heritage” DNA Composition:

I wasn’t really impressed by the layout and useability of the site. However, I did like the way it says in black and white the relationship of family members that both took the test. The platform employs a triangulation method to confirm relationships, enhancing the accuracy of its results.

In my quest to unravel the mysteries of my ancestry, selecting the right DNA testing service became a deeply personal journey. AncestryDNA, GEDmatch, 23andMe, and My Heritage DNA each offered me a unique lens through which to view my heritage. Whether I was passionate about building an extensive family tree or connecting with relatives across the globe, there was a DNA testing platform tailored to my needs. Utilizing all four of the sites together has really made a difference in my research.

Ultimately, my genetic journey is an ongoing exploration.  As the field of genetic testing continues to evolve, staying informed about the latest developments and advancements ensures that I make the most of my DNA testing experience. Whether uncovering family secrets or simply satisfying my curiosity of WHO I’m related to, the world of genetic testing offers a fascinating and ever-expanding frontier to explore. I will ALWAYS be an advocate!


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