X Chromosome vs Y Chromosomes

I’ve often heard, that when you’re having a baby, it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl, just as long as it’s healthy……Good thing we’re not talking about babies!!!! I need that “Y DNA”!!!! What the heck are you talking about??? The Male DNA is going to be the carrier that takes your research so much further than you ever thought was important.

Ok as a researcher, I love managing a variety of DNA test results, like I said before, DNA is like a deck of cards. BUT in real life, when it comes down to tracing your lineage and back to when, where, and who got married, That “Y DNA” is gonna be a game changer!!!!

Tell me “Y” am I supposed to care? I really thought DNA was DNA, is me doing my own DNA not enough? There is no God-given reason why a man, male, or boy’s DNA can make or break my research… Ok okay, that’s enough with the Nay Sayers’ comments, questions, and concerns. I suppose no one REALLY paid attention in Biology class.

Let me break it down down. So only Males inherit the “Y Chromosome”, they are also the ones who determine the sex of a child. The boys inherit the Y directly from their father and the father from his father and so on, right up the patrilineal line.

Y DNA Chart with Mitochondrial and How Autosomal is all inclusive

A few things we inherit from our fathers:

  • Our Height: Lord knows I could’ve been just a little bit taller
  • Biological Sex: Yep, I get it from my Daddy, Lucky him to have a spoiled little girl, Daddy’s Girl to be exact.
  • Mental Health Issues: Thank God we don’t have those that run in our family, we’re actually quite brilliant. My dad and his one particular sister are considered the brainiacs of their clan.
  • Personality: I must say my daddy and I, (I don’t and will not admit this amongst too many people so sshhhh Don’t tell no one) share the same fabulous dry sense of humor and of course the ability to strike up an engaging conversation with anyone in our paths.
  • Fat Storage: Now I will admit that I may skip the gym more often than I probably should because of my high metabolism and my slender build that my dad also carries.

“The Y chromosome is never admixed with DNA from the mother, so the Y chromosome that the son receives is identical to the father’s Y chromosome except for occasional minor mutations that take place every few generations.”

So when I tell you, I was elated when my FULL brother did the DNA, that was a MAJOR flex for me. He could potentially be THE gateway to finding my Paternal Grandfather. You have to realize that he would pull far more results from THAT side of the family than I could ever pull. The Y is clutch, especially when you’re trying to “Find A Daddy”.

I JUST had an ah-ha moment!!!! I was looking at a list of DNA results and I was wondering, WHY? Are they ordered the way they are and what difference does it really make?

My DNA against a female Cousin

So this is my Half Paternal 1st Cousin, coming in a 261 cM

My brother's DNA against a female half first cousin

Here’s that SAME EXACT cousin, but this time on my Full brother’s results, coming in at 471 cM, YES the “Y” matters

What I gathered from my brother vs me, is that I’m on this cousin’s father’s side, based on the cM’s difference. It’s a paternal half-brother because the cM’s are not that high to come in a full 1st cousin. Ancestry will tell you the possibilities if you click on the cM hyperlink

For the most part, it will be one of the first top three choices. If you are using another DNA site, I’ve found DNA Painter to be helpful.

Another example of how the Y DNA is clutch and you don’t realize it. Okay, so my Paternal Grandma did the DNA, today I came across some cousins, well I’ve NEVER come across these cousins before, they happened to pop up when my 1st Cousin, Once Removed’s DNA results came in today. So a little back story of who she is in relation to my Grandma, she is my Grandma’s niece. My Grandma’s big brother’s daughter, notice I said BROTHER, it makes a difference.

Recently, someone debated with me that it doesn’t matter X vs. Y Chromosomes when it comes to the lineage and DNA results. Yes, I am very aware and understand that DNA will NOT pick up everyone that you are related to, it’s very hit or miss, my favorite is, “It’s like a deck of cards”, I can’t stress that enough. However, when that Y is able to go up multiple generations, it can pull things that us X’s could never.

So Here me against the cousin “terrelle”, we are NOT a DNA match.

Here is my Paternal Grandma against “terrelle”, being of the X Chromosome, pulls one profile “JT”.

Here is my Grandma’s niece, my Grandma’s BROTHER’s daughter, the seed of the Y Chromosome. Because of her father, the Y, she’s able to match 3 Different profiles.

I can go on and on about how simple examples like this help me break down brick walls.

Whose DNA do I need to get?

So you’re looking to break down some walls and “Find A Daddy” using DNA as a tool. If you’re a woman, you have the X already, and now you clearly need the Y, to help you. Whose DNA do you need? In my suggested order, (If Alive and possible):

  • Grandfather
  • Great Uncle
  • Father
  • Brother (preferably a FULL brother)
  • Uncle (preferably a FULL uncle)
  • Nephew
  • Great Nephew
  • 1st Male Cousin (Preferably a FULL 1st cousin)

The higher up the generational ladder you can get, the better the results. Think about it, most Autosomal DNA tests like Ancestry can help up to 5 Generations so it would help with my 5th Great-grandparents, but let’s say my grandma’s 5th Great grandparents would be close to my 7th Great Grandparents, that is assuming that pedigree collapse does not exist.

When it comes to Men vs Women, X vs Y………you will NEVER hear me say this outside of genealogical research, but YES, “Men reign King!!!! That Y matters!!!”


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